Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


you tried to sell it to a witchdocter, yet she refuses to take is and shoves the bag back at you


oh yeah, @soldierboy_19881 , @Darkman_Bree received the SA58SPR



  • FAL 50.00
  • SA58 SPR
  • FAL 50.63 PARA
  • FAL PARA Shorty
  • Five-seveN


the Five seveN is case only


you can buy the rest from a gunsmith overseas


!poke powder


you tapped the blue powder.

a spirit arises.

               you... young adventurer... i request your to free me.

            take me to the shrine of al-kalasawar on bolivia, and your journey will be complete
           there, you will find eternal wealth and riches, your hard work will be paid off,

->accept the side quest




you accepted this quest.

you have been gifted 5000 gold from an unknown person


interesting, !roll 1



What happened to the other 9 tier 5 cases


oh lol srry, i’ll open them tommorow




Where is the bloody town?

!roll 6 (Horsey gets no rest until we find a town)


you are limited to 5 die, you horse has double work carrying @soldierboy_19881


Where’s my fucking donkey


you werent riding it when darkman tp’d you. blame him


But I still have all of my shit right


yes. everything. gimmie a minute and you can open those chests


@soldierboy_19881 ok go for it