Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


inb4 someone tries to use an cheat code


You rolled a 19, you are nearing the Country border (you bought the Fal in town 3, and it took 3 days to ship, remember?)

@soldierboy_19881 you rolled a 24, perfect roll bonus applied: 28. you are in town 4, right behind darkman.

@mr_alex , @Darkman_Bree recived your $200

(can somebody sponsor somebody else? darkman is dirt rich)


Oh yeah.

Country border =/= Town, I must continue!
!roll 6


you rolled a 24. perfect roll bonus applied!= 30

enter honduras

stay in mexico


!ask for mule, donkey, or horse


you have a donkey.

you searched, x1 teir 10 chest found!?!

you stocked up, -50 dollars


thanks for waiting until i got home


I shall give soldier 200 too


Recived $200 from @mr_alex


Enter Honduras!

The name sounds good, So it must have good shops!


you entered Honduras. moved 12 spots,


1, Jesus fucking Christ.
2, Your’e welcome.
3, @mr_alex thanks.

Oh shit, forgot.

!view inventory


Henry 45-70 Rifle.

x2345 gold

x1 redhawk.44

x250 medium ammo

x100 light ammo


x3 canvas bags

x1 teir 10 chest


!open chest


you opened the chest…

you recived:

x 20,000 gold

x 12 gold laced canvas bags

x1 SA58 SPR

x1 Steyr Aug A1

x2 Beretta M9 pistols

x5 Teir 5 Chests


you are a lucky ass man, RNGjesus loves you




M8 I’m gonna give ya it when I catch up


The FAL maniac re-appears


!open all 5 tier 5 chests

I’m keeping the Berretas & the AUG