Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


give @DerpCube 500 currency


you opened the chest: x2 .44 Redhawk revolvers. go akimbo boi

wasted ammo.


@DerpCube has got $500


you need to unveil your canvas bags before you leave town

nothing found

all you could find was a sick mare. it is nearing the endo of it’s life


!unveil bags
!keep searching for horse or donkey


btw where’s my donkey at



I need to own my money balance now :open_mouth:




!go to locksmith in town to open chesr


i do what sutton just did


give @sutton9000 a shit chest

he tried his best but @Darkman_Bree will always be the greatest battle rifle user


also i changed my profile pic to my yt profile pic


who the hell are you


Lame Gaming


@soldierboy_19881 your bags contined: 1 biogas splash potion. 1 almagam kourgabatz potion. 1 vapos potion. the donkey is following you

@Darkman_Bree x1 lee enfeild suppressed . food, 1 1858 revolver. ~3000 dollars

@urbanestdog45 nothing found. you stepped on a poisonus snek. inflicted with toxin and bleed

@mr_alex sutton recived your teir 1 chest

@sutton9000 you got: x1 Redhawk .44 , x100 dollars


summer is here, so this is gonna slow down. darkman is in the lead currently


I’m rich!!!


!roll 1


Get richer by me giving a damn good chest


can i get another one i need it to carry my supplies
if so, then:
!search for 2nd donkey