Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


Idc, I’ll gladly wait out the 2 days.

!wait 2 days


@Darkman_Bree give $200


@soldierboy_19881 you have passed into mexico safely

@Darkman_Bree you waited outside for 2 days and got a $5 ticked for loitering

@mr_alex darkman has recived the $200

@Darkman_Bree BTW the Fal costed $600




Ooh money.
I’ll gladly pay for the ticket.

Is my FAL here yet?


!buy backpack
!buy fal
if enough !buy an-94
if more !buy g3


!cheak money




@soldierboy_19881 you explored the area. your donkey is hungry. you found a tier 5 chest

@Darkman_Bree your Fal has Arrived. you need Heavy Ammunition.

you paid the ticket

@sutton9000 you can’t afford the AN-94, but you can buy a Fal and a G3. will take 4 days due to them coming for separate countries. you can pay express shipping for $100

@mr_alex you are a sponsor. you are infintite money. you can drop chests on people aswell

@heckgod teir 1 chest found


give darkman 1000 dolla billz


@Darkman_Bree has recived $1000




you found nothing

$1500 dollars

x1 teir 2 chest

x1 1858 revolver


!open chest
!fan hammer of 1858 new army



!open chest
!feed donkey


pls drop some on me


you opened the chest and got:

x2 barrel conversion kits

can change a pistol to a shotgun/rifle and vice versa

@soldierboy_19881 you fed the donkey. it had laid down somewhere

you opened the chest to reveal: x3 canvas bags, $4000 dollars. Henry 45-70. tons of food.



!roll 4
!wear status on 45-70
!keep all items


you kept all tiems

status: needs to be primed before usage, factory new

you rolled a 11, you are coming up on town 4


!ask for a legit horse