Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


!search, then !check ammunition


!roll 1



!roll 6


!curse dark and the worst weapon the fa l and bless me and the HK416 @Darkman_Bree aka dorkmanbree :wink:


!roll2 @knta12


@knta12 keep box


@soldierboy_19881 you ate and ate well

@urbanestdog45 your saw nothing else, your guns are at 6/6

@sutton9000 you rolled a 2 0

@Darkman_Bree you rolled a 29 25

@sutton9000 you rolled a 9 7

@sutton9000 you kept the box


Joining as a player


Well, My movement has been decreased, but how does that affect my horse, it should be still fine riding me?


it’s an overall debuff, a doctor in the next town/ previous town will re-buff you

@Newbienooby you joined


Yes but, how does that debuff apply to my horse? ;(
Did it get shot too?


!roll 3


!roll 1


the horse can’t move at full speed due to thirst. there.

you are still bleeding

@soldierboy_19881 you rolled a 7, you are at town 3

@sutton9000 you rolled a 6 4


!give water


!stock up
!ask for horse
!work job
!view inv


!give food


you joined as a sponsor.

who would you like to gift food?

@Darkman_Bree fine. your movement speed has been restored

oh boy…
you resupplied, it will cost $50
your searching for a horse has ended with a donkey

you did some work and made back $35

inventory soon, gimme a min





a large supply of food

1858 revolver


!roll 3