Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


Check them, oh and I’ll keep my Suppressed Enfield ready.


you neared the bush…

the indian jumps out and whoops loudly, and you hear responding whoops

  >shoot him

 > run like mad




Enfields aren’t good agains’t groups.


!pitch up tent

jeez i better not get sick


!go to bar and get drunk


you got on your horse, but a lone indian shot you in the leg with an arrow

-4.5 walkspeed

-45 health, inflicted with bleed and puncture proc


no, it’s hot enough during the day to ward off sickness

you are asleep


@sutton9000 hit the bar and got woosy

he beat a man in blackjack and won $150


!roll .5 > 1000000


roll half a dice?

you rolled a 3


!roll .1 > 10000


dice number incomputable, thats high as hell


!roll 4


you left town and rolled a 15, you are at the millitary checkpoint @ death valley

stock up

im fine

turn back


!stock up


you stocked up on food and water, you are cold though, walking has taken a toll on your feet, especially from last nights hangover

-2 walk speed


ohh those were the good days


!roll one I’m guessing -2 means 2 less than what I roll



you rolled a 4 2, your drunken staggering has cauesed you to walk into a cactus, -15 hp, inflicted with bleed proc