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HEAP Slugs

Singular projectiles that explode.

Availability: Shotguns, 1858 New Army, 1858 Carbine (they are technically muzzleloaders, which makes their ammunition choice almost as versatile, barring multiple projectile shot.)

Pros and Cons
+Adds explosive damage (always an extra 50 damage on hit, no matter the distance).
+Doubles penetration on any weapon that uses this attachment.
+When using in shotguns, damage is always doubled, both up close and at a distance, stacking with the explosive damage.
+While the explosions themselves aren’t lethal when not directly hitting players, they do suppress them.
-Completely disables torso multipliers.
-Halves reserve ammunition, rounding down when there is an incomplete mag/cylinder in the case of the 1858s and mag fed shotguns.
-Adds RNG spread to the 1858 series; double/triple the spread of ordinary slugs when used with shotguns.
-Disables fan fire when used with the 1858 New Army. This ammo ain’t cheap.


In a game where people are shooting thousands of BMG.50 rounds, that’s a bit of a understatement