Join the cult


join the cult of darkman

or we will have you executed

the only thing you need to join is either admiration of the fal or own the five seven and admire it


i havent played PF in 3 months due to a broken laptop, but i did like the SA85

am i qualified?


Joining the cult here…
Five Seven is quite a brilliant gun, with a bullet that is basically the opposite end of the spectrum of the 9mm when compared to the .45 ACP. It goes for more penetration than stopping power, which works surprisingly well in a pistol. It works even better in a P90, but the P90 cheats because it has a longer barrel. That, and in PF, it’s up there with the M1911 in terms of versatility, just trade any semblance of stopping power for high capacity and a quick reload, not to mention surprising wall penetration, and presto.
If I had one other thing to say about the Five Seven model in PF, I prefer all black.


Worship me!


why l0l


lol i own both kek


yes sir


I qualify because i love the Five Seven and i use it a lot


While reading this post i have felt great opression against my country. i cannot worship or make a cult or honor my country with korean gun. PLS ADD ATTHEM


no u


Worship me now!


@Darkman_Bree has been my god for a long time now. ALL HEIL DARKMAN!


Am I in?


If you worship me.


K7 is from CoD Ghosts lol


suck me