I've been suspended


So on this very nice Friday, as I lurk in my room, blankly browsing through the forums, I see some nice private message notifications.

I’m mad, because I don’t have a proper reason for my suspension reason, it’s only “as a precautionary measure.”
I go to check why I’ve been moderated, and it appears that it was for a post from 30+ days ago.

If you look at the corner, that’s July 13th.
This is a bunch of bullshit. What’s even better is I’m not the only one suspended, Snip and Hellcat are too.

though Snip did kinda get himself into it a little bit

Why would I get moderated for a post from 30+ days ago?
Who knows, my theory is that either a mod either:
A - Went through report logs for some reason after no one went through them for a bit
B - Went through old posts of certain members to try to ban them

Who would go scroll through over a month of shitposts? Sure it’s memes, but it’s 30 days worth of posts. Who would want to scroll through all of that?
Most likely a really bored ass mod, or a mod trying to dig up infraction worthy content.


this is bit of a pointing fingers kinda thing but still




Oof, if I had the chance I would’ve gifted you one of my N-word passes and you would’ve been fine



Yeet, my account is no longer in hold.
Let’s hope yours will be too


:crab:suspension ends tomorrow :crab:
thanks moong



Aha! Checkmate censorship!


nword, not’ swore in front of bebe




how dare swore n word