Issues & Suggestions

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I’ll be addressing every issue I can.

Hit registration

Since the new updates, I’ve found the hit registration to be absolute cancer. It doesn’t matter if I have 90 ping, 100, or 250. About 25% of the shots I take are registered, and the other 75% are denied. This is every gun, and it’s extremely noticeable with shotguns.

You may argue that I just have bad internet, but that surely doesn’t mean that 75% of shots have to be denied because the ping is 100ms. This is wrong and there needs to be a change.

Some fixes for this would be to go back to the hit registration in the beta, when it was best, and implement anti-exploit techniques that require pre-checks rather than doing a check every shot.

Perhaps what could happen is whenever the game loads, Phantom Forces checks whether your account is over a week or two old.

Perhaps we could have it so not every single shot is checked to make sure it works, but rather, every two or three shots?

Player lag

People like SynthesizeOG have addressed this issue. The amount of code Phantom Forces has that runs on ROBLOX’ servers is absolutely hideous, and there shouldn’t be any reason that having 30 ping still warrants the “dive over someone, they kill you without aiming at you.”

Fixes for this would be to… I don’t know, maybe rewrite all the server scripts? Phantom Forces needs a rewrite on this level, the server code is extremely old. It’s kind of like playing Battlefield 3. The experience is updated, just the netcode worsens with time.

Lag spikes - Map Loading

Now, everyone I know experiences these issues with Phantom Forces.

First of all, whenever a map loads, your ping spikes to the hundred-thousands. Now, tell me. If there’s that much information going through ROBLOX’s servers, that it can lag every single person in the game, the server will be the one handling 32 times this amount (the player count)

Maybe, whenever the map is loading, rather than having all the server scripts run, maybe halt some of them and load the map in chunks? (Having the map split into thirds and putting in each third slowly to ease the load on computers)

Lag Spikes - Ping spikes in combat

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but me and everyone I know have issues where whenever in combat, the ping spikes to the thousands. Whatever is happening here, it’s clearly putting stress on the user’s PC.

I don’t know a solution to this as I have no idea what the PF code is like, all I know it’s referred to as ‘spaghetti code’ very very often, and this is a concerning name for a game considered to be one of the best games of ROBLOX.

FPS issues

FPS. If I’m running ROBLOX at 1366x768, 60hz, on a GeForce card, ROBLOX should not lag. Meanwhile, on Phantom Forces, it does!

I’ve determined some of the reasons why the FPS tanks so much.

  • The lobby loads too many parts and meshes.
  • The lobby is being loaded twice.
  • The framework is old, and StyLIS has not done their supposed “rewrite” yet.

Here are the fixes, in chronological order.

  • Replace the guns in the lobby with images, or make a new lobby without as many parts.
  • Delete the second instance of the lobby.
  • Either rewrite the framework, or just rewrite parts of the framework one by one.

Votekicking issues

The votekick system is broken. Why are there times where the amount of people who vote go into the negatives? This is a serious issue. Along with this, if someone were to votekick twice in the round, the system breaks. Votes don’t go through, and oftentimes hackers are not kicked out of the game.

Another serious issue is that if you ever miss-spell a name, or the votekick system fucks you over, and it doesn’t votekick someone, you are UNABLE to votekick again. This makes it challenging to votekick a hacker with a long name.

Fixes for this would be to

  • Keep votekicks consistant
  • Changing it from being unable to votekick more than once to being able to votekick, but having a local cooldown of 2 minutes or so.
  • Count the amount of times a votekick has been done based on the amount of times initiated rather than the amount of times the command is run,
  • Dis-allow negative people voting.

Night time

Why is it always night time? Yes, it’s fun to sometimes play at night, but we need variation! Fixes would be to… Well, make it day!

New mechanics

I understand there’s challenges coming to Phantom Forces, but it’s about time we got something new in the game. Why can we not get equipment? Being a game developer myself, I know it would not be hard to code in equipment.

Different game modes

Having the same game modes, CTF, KOTH, TDM, KC and FD can get boring after a while. We need new gamemodes. You guys can leave the kind of gamemodes you would want in the game below.


  • Hit registration is very strict
  • Player lag is extremely high due to how much stress is on the ROBLOX servers
  • Maps loading all at once puts too much stress on everyone’s PCs
  • Combat ping spikes are extremely common and must be addressed.
  • FPS issues are even greater, with all things like the lobby being loaded in at once putting much stress on everyone’s machines.
  • Votekicks are inconstant and aren’t well built.
  • It’s always night
  • There aren’t many new mechanics, the game is dulling more and more.
  • Gamemodes are lacking


  • Check every 2 or three shots for the hitreg.
  • Rewrite the server scripts so that there’s less stress on ROBLOX’s servers
  • Splice maps into sections and load them sequentially and slowly to keep computers from slowing down
  • Also would be solved from a rewrite of the server scripts
  • Reduce the meshes being loaded.
  • Remove the second instance of the lobby
  • Fix votekick consistency and change the strictness
  • Make it so the day night cycle is quicker
  • Introduce more game features, like equipment etc. The game needs it.
  • Introduce more gamemodes suggested by the community (e.g. Gun Game)

{Please let me know what you think of all my suggestions, and give me tips on how I can improve my posts}


@Darkman_Bree @Snip4life @Torush1

Here have some c o n t e n t to c o n s u m e


Can’t say much except:

  1. Hitreg is atleast a little better than before.
  2. Votekicks are already passing quite alot, Sometimes even very close but still failing. (Yesterday I almost got votekicked with a 8/9 until a few people save me by clicking no, dragging it back down to 6)
  3. Daytime has been added to the Test Place.
  4. For new mechanics, Contracts / Daily Missions are confirmed to be maybe next update or the update after that, atleast likely this year.
  5. Gamemodes do not matter much, we can’t just keep asking for new ones while Kill Confirmed and CTF aren’t even existing for that long, I don’t know what happened to Payload, but let Lito atleast finish one of the biggest upcoming feature, Contracts / Daily Missions.


I was just in a game where the game denied a whole magazine of an SR-3 point blank to some0nes face on 90 ping

All the hitreg update did was make melee’s even more bullshit


welp there goes pf gus i gotta play *cough * ArSInAl

god mabey shellshock( 5 star audio cheak it out)


Player lag fucks it ._.

There shouldn’t be a way for votes to go down, or for no votes to go through.

It’s so easy to implement that I have no idea why they didn’t just put it into the main game

Until the hitreg is fixed, this wont be all that fun :confused:

I was more thinking VIP server gamemodes

If lito is the only one coding PF right now then holy shit he needs help with the game.
cough COMMUNITY! cough


Huh, well, yeah. There you go. Another instance of PF fucking your gameplay.

Here’s my question
How come suppression bonus’ are calculated perfectly at high ping, but hitreg fucks 75% of your shots?


im dying…
no literally im dying
someone end me please.



Exactly, no need to promote your own topic to derail viewers from this one.


Ping spoofing is another big problem Phantom Forces
I always see 14 pingspoofers in every server I play


That wasn’t the point.

It was me giving an example of my VIP server gamemode idea’s.


We’ve seen your posts, you’re a popular fuck. Now back off and go back to your own posts.


Yes sir!