Is The Remake of COR5 Finsihed Yet?


When I first joined StyLIS Studios group on ROBLOX,I heard a game called "Call of Robloxia 5:Roblox At War"and it was made by the developer of Phantom Forces,litozinnamon (of course).And when i tried to play the game,the title of the game was written “[Broken]Call of Robloxia 5:Roblox At War”.So,i tried to find any kind of posts about a possible remake of COR5. And then,I came into a wikia called “Phantom Forces Wikia”.In that wikia,i found a post about COR5.In the post,it said,“StyLIS Studios is making a new project for a remake of COR5.But,it is still an unknown project.” So,is the “unknown project” or the remake of COR5 is still unknown or is it finsihed?


Right now, with PF on Official Release, its very likely a COR game is on the works.


It’s going to be a while until we see the game in any form most likely. The only weapons we’ve really seen that would fit into that game would be the Mosin Nagant, Obrez, and the M1911. Although the M1911 would have to be re-modeled.


True m8 :confused:


Currently cor5 is under review so Lito might be making a new cor5 on a separate game. But hopefully roblox will let us play cor5 again soon


Actually, if you check out some of the models in this game, you can see some ww2 models.
The game is kept up by shaylan007, so who knows, cor could be remade any day…


There’s also the Sten, I saw StyLiS making the updated version -The Sterling SMG- during a livestream. It might not be done for a while, but CoR5 remake is in the works…


2019 update: I’m not sure


Lito went quiet with the description. I havent seen it updated in months.