Improving the gamemodes suggestion


Alright, this is a suggestions thread to improve the gamemodes in Phantom Forces!

This thread can be used for brainstorming, we do all want a fun experience in Phantom Forces am I right?


Team Deathmatch right now is one of the most fun gamemodes, You have free will, nobody can play this wrong, You simply have to eliminate your enemy!
Not much change is needed for this gamemode, since it’s already a great gamemode!


  • When the player count is lower than 10 players in one server, the kill requirement for a team to win is reduced from 200 to 100.
    • It’s litteraly impossible to reach 200 kills with only 10 players in one server.
    • The maximum points do not increase when the server suddently gains more players during the round.


King of the Hill is where you capture a point in the map, usually in the center, You have to keep control of this to drain the “tickets” of the other team to 0 in order to win, This is also a fun gamemode, but it usually lasts very long, and the team is not always helpful because sometimes they are unaware of things.


  • The amount of tickets each team has in the beginning should be reduced from 600 to 500!
    • King of the Hill can last very long, even if one team dominates the enemy team when they can’t capture back the hill once, It’s better to end the round faster so the teams can be reshuffled.
  • When an enemy enters the hill area when you are capturing, the Capture Bar is paused instead of reset.
    • This is stressful, You are capturing the hill, and suddently a random clueless enemy comes by and steps an inch on the hill, All capture progress is gone, you kill him, and you have to start over, and then you suddently get BFG’d.
  • When you leave the hill, the Capture Bar is saved but will drain at the same rate as 1 player capturing.
    • It’s annoying that if you accidently take a step off the hill, it resets again if there’s no teammate nearby.
  • There should be a square below your screen with a H in it that is either Gray (Uncapped), Blue (Phantoms) or Orange (Ghosts) depending on what team captured the hill.
    • Similar to TF2.
    • This can help with teammates sometimes not paying attention at the hill to see that their team lost control of the hill.
    • The outer square color flashes between blue and orange if it is currently being captured by another team.
  • If your team captures the hill, A text appears in blue ontop of your screen: Your team has captured the hill! Defend it!
    • This is replaced by You have captured the hill! Defend it! if you are one of the people that captured the hill.
    • The text fades away after 3 seconds!
  • If your enemies captures the hill, A text appears in red ontop of your screen: The enemies have captured the hill! Regain control!
    • The text fades away after 3 seconds!
    • This helps if teammates are not paying attention to the hill, they will see this text and try to regain control of the hill.

How King of the Hill will look like:



Flare Domination is similar to King of the Hill, but it has 3 points, and finishes quite fast, It let’s you go to area’s of the map you normally do not visit often to capture or defend flares.


  • When an enemy enters a flare area when you are capturing, the Capture Bar is paused instead of reset.
    • This is stressful, You are capturing the flare, and suddently a random clueless enemy comes by and steps an inch on the flare, All capture progress is gone, you kill him, and you have to start over, and then you suddently get BFG’d.
  • When you leave the flare, the Capture Bar is saved but will drain at the same rate as 1 player capturing.
    • It’s annoying that if you accidently take a step off the flare, it resets again if there’s no teammate nearby.
  • There should be 3 squares on the bottom of your screen, similar to the King of the Hill suggestion, they are A, B and C, which will show what team currently own them.
    • The outer square color flashes between blue and orange every second if they are currently being captured.
    • This helps players seeing which flares are currently in control.
  • Similar to the King of the Hill suggestion, There should be texts ontop saying which flares are captured by your team or lost by the enemy team.

How Flare Domination will look like:



Kill Confirmed is one of the more modern gamemodes of Phantom Forces, It isn’t considered the best gamemode, but it is useful for XP grinding, However, it is stressful because teams do not always pick up tags that are nearby, Especially when they snipe. (cough, Mirage Kill Confirmed)
Just admit it, You have ignored tags too at one point, I admit aswell.

There’s not much to do to encourage players to pick up tags, because they are already super obvious, The players are just stubborn.


  • Warehouse should use the TDM version in Kill Confirmed!
  • Tags dropped by killed enemies have a tiny colored 4-point stars (of the enemy’s color) that you can see through walls!
    • They should be very tiny but still visible so they don’t block your view too much or won’t distract too much.

How Kill Confirmed will look like:



Capture The Flag is a nice gamemode, but people very often say that it does not fit Phantom Forces well, It surely does not work all the time, because teammates rarely help out, It is Roblox right? Well… There are still other roblox games where players actually do teamwork more often in CTF games, such as Typical Colors 2!
Sometimes we can even see players running around, not knowing they have the flag, because it’s just a tiny text on the right that says it.
What can we fix about this?


  • When returning a dropped flag from your own team, You have to stand in the flag for 5 seconds for it to be returned back to your base, Time is reduced by 20% per teammate standing in the flag.
    • This makes it so your progress isn’t always lost when you suddently get BFG’d out of nowhere when you have almost captured it, and a random enemy runs through 3 of your teammates, touches his fingernail on the flag and returns it a half second before getting sprayed by your team.
  • When you stand in your base with the enemy flag, but your own flag is stolen, You will get a text up your screen that your flag must be returned in order to capture!
  • When you have the flag, a picture of a flag of the enemy color is shown on the right of your screen.
    • This makes it much more obvious that you are the flag holder.
  • When a dropped flag is picked up by another player from the same team, it will instantly show that player instead of hiding them.
    • I have seen players abuse suiciding next to their friends, so they pick up the flag and become hidden again, making it all the way to their base without ever becoming visible to everyone.
  • When you pick up the enemy flag at the base, The hidden time is always 5 seconds.
  • When a flag is dropped, the automatic return timer is always 30 seconds.
  • There should be texts on top of your screen saying that your team has captured the flag, stole the flag, or the enemies did it.

How Capture The Flag will look like:



The fun VIP server party gamemode, but can it still get changes? Of course, this thread is for all the gamemodes in PF!


  • A personal progress is shown on the left of your screen, with your current number of gun and the max number needed to win.
  • Your current gun that is given to you is named on the left of your screen, along with the attachments equipped.
  • Getting a melee kill will not upgrade your own gun.
    • This is to prevent skipping a gun you don’t like or are bad at, This often happens with the Golden ZIP 22.
  • Removed and developer guns are enabled in the gun selection of Gun Game.
    • This includes the PPK12, SVK12E, Auto-9,…
      • The Railgun is already in Gun Game.
      • Golden ZIP 22 is not included, it is for the last gun.

How Gun Game will look like:


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Make Capture the Flag Better



Now this is the part where you have it all wrong, I can play it wrong, I can’t kill for anything.




Have TDM’s points to win scale directly with the amount of players per server. For example I came up with this formula;

Where p=player count
and w=points needed to win

So for example a server with 10 players would need 100 points to win, and one with 30 would need 200. And a max player count server at 50 (I think) would require 300 points to win, which is more than fair for a maxed out server.




lol what im doing the whole year
kill confirmed is the best


Take advantage of it, I heard that when you get a kill in Kill Confirmed, it’s not actually +50 XP, it’s actually +100 XP. (Lito has patched it in the test place)





Most people leave after their team is under 10 players haha. Maybe a private server feature?


I hate to say this but I kinda agree with this. As much as we all want some games to last long, KOTH is a clusterfuck of running to the hill, being naded and doing this again haha. Maybe having a smaller timeframe will encourage more skillful play than standing in a corner and doing nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah seriously I agree, this is a welcome improvement

What happened to looking around the map to see the text through the walls?

The majority of the roblox playerbase that plays PF cannot read
Neat touch, I don’t see it’s purpose

Refer to previous

I see, I see. Why not have it as an indicator above the map, or maybe an arrow that changes from blue to orange or vise versa? Like the grenade indicators, but pointing to the hill?

I think we can all just say all bars shouldn’t reset.

yeh I get you

Entertain my arrow idea.

More above radar info :smiley:


It didn’t already? I think you’d be better off blocking off the buildings so people have more of an incentive to actually do CQC

This defeats the purpose of spotting. If someone dies, you see exactly where they died.


Tiny? I thought it was massive. Refer to my crossed out text saying the majority of people cannot read. Maybe we should have a symbol or something, or maybe the player should hold the flag/briefcase

We get you, welcome feature.

Yeah fair…

Entertain the flag holding idea

Yeah I think that’s just a bug

Yeah I agree with all this


I reckon that spoils the fun of the game tbh

You can check your kill message? I’m pretty sure the only guns you can’t distinguish are the AK12s

Why not

it’s just as easy to kill someone with a zip as it is with a knife

N o

Good post, 5/10, needs more whipped cream


There’s multiple reasons why a server is at under 10 players at the moment, it could be a VIP server, Test place or a newly opened server that’s still filling players.

Ever had it when you cap the hill, so you go kill people and without you knowing, the enemies cap it back 5 seconds later?


King of the hill isn’t leaving the hill to be vulnerable fter you’ve captured it, it’s to keep it captured


Well, I had a team of 4 defending it, so I thought it was okay to kill some enemies further away to prevent them from reaching the hill. They all died apparently.


exactly i f###ing swear these kids are playing on max sensitivity on the f###ing Mumbai McDonald’s WiFi


they have a bad gaming chair


Oof to that.