Important Announcement - URL Split + New Blog Page


can’t wait for more flame wars there


Same, maybe everyone with a member status here some abilities and regulars get admin or something like that.


Wait hellcat will be able to go there right?


Yea probs, but hes gone into the military. Irl.


Can we get an F for the revives that will be un revived?


I don’t understand why you can’t just leave this site alone and just make the blog site. I don’t see a good reason to wipe all the data just to go to a new platform that probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. Discourse is fine, I don’t think we really need a change, especially if all the data gets wiped in the process.


I may not clear all content, nodebb supports moving from discourse, so that will probably happen. I still have some things to do in the meantime, such as fixing email.


alright sorry for DMing you on discord then
also this website was literally taken down for 20 minutes i timed it


when is the split happening?


Not sure yet, depends on a few factors


give us some time before u close this down




Maybe the bot will finally be defeated.

Or we get a worse one that we can’t bypass.

Also, can we pay respects for this bot that probably won’t be there anymore?

@discobot fortune
Are you gonna miss us?


:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


Important Blog news, nice




Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Well said… :sob:


F to you


@discobot display help