Important Announcement - URL Split + New Blog Page


If you haven’t read the #announcements channel in the Discord server, here is a link to view:

A short summary of the page:

  • (The current URL) will split into two website URL’s shown below: and

Note, the current URL will cease to function after the split occurs.

  • The StyLiS blog will contain important updates, information and other posts regarding the community. This may include Discord, Forum and game-related news, albeit at a lesser scale than game-related information.

  • The community in this Discourse website should expect to move into a new platform (Discourse → NodeBB) as the developers dislike the Discourse platform. It is recommended to prepare for a URL shutdown in case the merge happens.

As the developers are reworking the communication situation, a platform that is easier to manage will mean less time fiddling around with things. This makes it easier to communicate with a wide audience, which will help both the developers and the community.

  • If the developers decide to switch platforms, all content posted in this Discourse website is likely to be wiped.

This marks an important step to improving developer-community relations in terms of communication. Make sure to make this change a smooth one as possible. :+1:

[Game] The last who replies wins
New Forum?
pinned globally #2


time to look through the entire meme thread


Idk if they are abandoning this or they will hire new staff to stay here or shut this down at a given time and work on the blog accordingly

Probably the last thread (new blog)

Forum would be moved to




get ready for the move my dudes


when is it gonna happen?


no freaking idea


So you are saying…

Someone will actually win in this game:

Which will be me.


Well guess it is time for me to download and screenshot all my posts

Also what will happen to the accounts? Will we be having to relog or sumthing?


Wait a second…

All my threads i’m still working on!

My skin redesigning!
My minecraft models!
My youtube gun only series!


actually, I have a legit question for @Toothless @shaylan007 @litozinnamon or whoever is reading this

can you guys give us a specific date and time for when the Discourse era will end?


Oh noes.

If it’s too much trouble I might just leave altogether.


I’m not allowing you.


I hope I can be a mod or admin on these new forums/blogs.


With the new forum and blog coming this community will grow. As I’m sure that the devs and mods will advertise it.


Nvm you can just go over at your activity feed and download it


Also @Toothless-san will you post a new meme thread on the new forum?


i’d at least liked to be considered to be one, i’ve been here long enough