If you had to use one of the two [GAME]


AKM because I have more exp with it i only got the AK-103 a while ago

G36c with suppresor or FAL PARA shorty with PKA, flash hider, vertical grip and nothing


Obviously FAL PARA Shorty with PKA, Flash Hider, Vertical Grip and Nothing.

Shay asking you a gun of your choice to be added in max 1 month to the game.
Lito asking you if you want 1,000,000,000 credits and an unique tag.


Shay. Fuck the 1000000000 credits and tag




Should the devs add either:

RPK-15(AK-15+RPK-74) or AN-94 carbine


AN-94 carbine
since he never actually limited it to guns-only…
Which would you eat
Bannasa or Oranges


“bannasa” ok
naked or thong


This kinda depends on the context. But I assume it to be a sexual context soo… Naked. Thongs look bad on everyone.

Vector or MAC-10


Vector, MAC-10 recoil is too much
Nowadays or Lust?


G36 or G36C?


G36C because G36 would fucking melt while firing

5.56x45mm or 5.45x39mm?


5.56x45mm. It’s just more common.

.45 ACP or 9mm Parabellum?


.45 apc cause it sounds bigger
Dogs or cats



Fight a team of shotgun users by yourself in Metro.
Fight a team of BFG users by yourself in Mirage.


BFG users bcuz i can hecc them
get trolled by DankmanBree or DorkmanBree



Get T-bagged or 360 no-scoped


360 noscoped, because I can then yell at them to PTFO.

Meme with a Bassoon
Be a Tromboner


Be a Tromboner

Give people a chance to play the game



Stop because it’s already not funny



Kill someone with guns

Kill someone with love a complicated method where they die slowly


MP5SD or Honey Badger