If PF dying? (Or the community?)


So is PF dying? I do not see a lot of community around despite the players in game, if you know what I mean. Or is this community dying what with how some people said there used to be a lot more activity? If so, maybe a discussion on how it could be saved is in order.


The Reddit and the main discord are very active. Literally everything else community-wise has been dead for a long time.

As a game, pf has been gaining players. There’s no way that it could ever be considered dying right now.


The discord and reddit are really active. This website isn’t very popular, and I think thats good.
Personally I don’t like using their discord and reddit because of how many people they have, but the community isn’t dead.


I like the website more because we are returning players and we know eachother more online instead of 1000 randoms.


nah i think pf would be more of a “slowly dying game” but all in all i woudint say its dying since they update it often


Like 1 person leaves and 2 people join like every day


The neither PF nor the Discourse (this place) is dying.

  1. PF is gaining new players everyday
  2. This community is, like everyone else said, significantly smaller

There’s also the Discord and Reddit community. I don’t spend time in the Discord so I’m not sure how it works there, but I can tell you that the Reddit is super active, and like Darkman said

I also like the discourse more because comparing it to Reddit (can’t compare with Discord cus I don’t do shit there), Discourse community is far more “productive” and the shitpost we make are usually higher quality (according to my standards of shitposting), Reddit meanwhile, it simply just a memefest and skin conventions but hey, it’s not that bad once in a while.

I like to see it as
Discourse = Proper Suggestions Powerhouse
Reddit = Entertainment and brief overview of PF
Discord = I’m just there for #announcements


PF is not in dying status at all. It’s just this website.


This site is nowhere near dying, having a small community doesnt equal dying. We still have loads of new topics and replies each day. Recently I had to dismiss all of my unread because there are so much that it is difficult to read every sungle on of them. Sure its not as active as reddit but people here are familiar with each other, even to the point of friendship. Overall: Nah, def not dying.


Players ≠ Community


Elaborate please


I was gone after six hours once and then there was 13 new topics


please no


Please yes


About PF itself dying, I don’t know.

But I remember RPO event actually increasing our player count by almost double, and there’s still much more players after months after RPO than before it.

RPO made people force to join PF and see how good this game actually is, and then they stay.


Players are not necessarily members in a community. A player may include guests, one-time players, etc. This does not automatically make them part of a community. Additionally, I am part of the community but no longer play the game.


:thonk: ::thonk:


I don’t do shit in the Discord server lol, I’m just there for announcements too.


True, i do prefer discouse over reddit, bc i feel discourse ppl actually bother talking about the game. Discord is nice, but it is different bc it is mostly just community talking live (same for most games.)


The core fan-base witch stylist started on is dying it, they’re probably old millennial’s who have a life or just have moved on from Roblox in general.