If cor5 remastered were in development what would it include?


just jot down some ideas like animations, guns, gun remake, sounds and stuff


Exo suits
Season pass





More Racist jokes


Japanese soldier feeding on fillipinos…
yes, canibalism was a thing in WWII
And yes, this a a joke.


a free clan tag and a clan logo on ur weapon xd


A new Battle pick up-

A Vickers MG- hand carried!
(This is an idea I got cuz for some reason, you can carry an MG 08/15 on BF1, cuz DICE definitely knows logic)


in logic, not even fmj’s, hollow points, nor even ap armour can destroy a tin can armour!


But somehow, a shovel or a knife can…


Before rollplay: "chill out, it’s just a joke"
After rollplay: “cor5 is a joke”




back to the akimbo or dual wield pistols


Akimbo = dual wield

EDIT: finds out this is a dead post


Hello, SilverKnite. I will now introduce you to Infinite warfare. The most underrated cod game of all time


Revive for no reason at all