If COR5 Remake were to happen

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I honestly feel like the only differences made between PF and said CoR 5 Remaster is recoil and overall handling. Make them have more aggressive recoil, make em rougher to handle, if you know what I’m saying.


Honestly I just liked how simplistic the mechanics were. Not much recoil, nor gun mechanics, just run aim and shoot, with a fair progression and cosmetic system. Maps and game modes that fit the style.


Idk i played it it was that all great but i agree with u i am better off than this game than the remake


When Cor5 remastered is released Im quitting pf to grind on that.


PF is nothing more than a temporary placeholder. : P


I’d say that Stylis could find the mistakes they made in PF, and learn from them when and if they make COR5 REMASTERED

but they better do it on another engine, Rococks is shit now


about that