If COR5 Remake were to happen

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that’s not how coding works. it’s not easy to convert an entire game from being insecure (exp mode) to filtering enabled; if you think any beginner programmer could just “patch it up” you have probably never touched a script before


your right I haven’t but something like COR 5 shouldn’t be that complicated it could be rebuilt with a simpler code but from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be that complicated of a game.


even a “simple gun script” can take thousands of lines to be written securely, if you put in minimal effort your game will either be a glitchy mess or easy to exploit. phantom forces and COR are both really well made complicated games, you’re not giving them enough credit for what they’re worth


Credit were its due, yes the anti-cheats system in both games, are great in aspects indescribable usually just one hacker in a game a PF and I’ve never encountered a hackers in COR 5 you can say outer wise, I will still listen to your argument/statement , but the fact that PF is made for such a mainstream audience, is the reason why I get frustrated. I liked COR 5 when it was simple and glitchy, but it was a forum of a challenge and it was based off of skill not exploits, or game mechanics that a fetus can understand.


yeah, i agree, the idea of COR5 is definitely imp0rtant to keep simple, i just disagree with the idea that it’s not that hard to make a great game like that


Maybe I don’t understand coding I’ve watched basic Roblox how-to’s and still didn’t and looked up some basic YouTube tutorials, it dose look hard, I thought it would be easier for someone who understood, maybe it is a lot harder then it seems, but time and patience and effort some could bring a titan from the glitch grave with Roblox has put COR 5 in. I come from a bi-gon era were Roblox game’s were simpler and a bunch of glitchy demos, as Roblox progressed with its march to streamlining its site for the mainstream, I have lost touch with it, I still play some Roblox game but only a few truly remain and they stay there. I’ll admit I did lose to a game of quantum chess.


it’s not that it’s hard to understand, it’s more that it’s long and takes time and the smallest issue will stop the entire thing from working. you can pop open any free model and you’ll see that it’s more complicated than a couple dozen lines (and that’s not even very well written code, generally)


Same with PF as phantom got more complicated with more guns it has gotten more laggy, that is a fact, but trail and error will fix up project, and trying and retrying different segments and lines of code, also optimization, dont know really how that works maybe its just simplifying the code.


I figured I get myself into a corn witch I felt at home, kind of sounds SJW but roblox just seams too mainstream for me, this kind of relaxes me, just talking about PF and COR 5.


I wouldn’t call Roblox mainstream, I’d call it a big meme


what’s the difference


More bearable than the other shit that’s mainstream


shout-out to Call of Duty, Fallout, and regrettably Halo


Fallout isn’t even mainstream anymore.


fallout 76 was the 3rd biggest dissapointment of 2018


What was the first?


me being alive?,


I knew that was going to happen.


i was kidding. personally, the biggest dissapointment is the state of my current country (U.S)


IDK man, the ppsh is pretty good