If COR5 Remake were to happen

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I feel like if they made a remake, they should keep all the original weapons and other shiz in the game to keep it as close to the original, I think the models should be updated to look newer and animations. I loved Cor5 it was a amazing game but I think they should make it were it’s not a clone to phantom forces.


I honestly think a CoR 5 Remake would very simple be Phantom Forces rebuilt and reskinned into a WW2 game. Any WW2 weapons in PF as of now I feel would have no reworks done to them.


yeah, I agree, just, has a different fighting style


i think some rebalancing on the WWII weapons would be needed

when I think of games that revolve around WWII, I think of guns that are slightly weaker than modern ones

y’know, slow down the pace of the game a little


If a CoR5 remake happened, I’d get my SVT-40 back which I have no problems with.


just play Roblox WW2, better than CoR anyway ;o


I looked it up and can’t find it lol. Can i have a link brother?



Call of Duty is just a Minecraft ripoff smh, just like Tetris


I don’t want a remake, the fact that people want COR 5 to be just like PF is defeating the concept of wanting COR 5 back. If you want COR 5 to be just like Phantom Forks that go play Fandom Forces. If you played COR 5 you’ll remember you didn’t have the grid for soo long and the fact that gun’s attachments, and skin could be unlocked with relative ease. And some of the glitches were much fun from what I remember. If you want a REMEASURE you don’t want COR 5.


check the last post’s date before reviving a dead thread


People still complaining about it, with the same argument.


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Its not my fault this forum is small and insignificant. I dint think about making an account for forum for a roblox game.




then why’d you make one now


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When people say we want a CoR 5 that’s like PF, we mean a CoR 5 updated to have the visuals and model quality similar to PF. Or at least, that’s how I desire it to be like. Hell, it could be just like classic CoR 5, with literally nothing changed from the original

except maybe glitches, I feel like those would be patched

I get the hate behind remakes and remasters, but if you think about it, the game is being updated on more modern software or in this case, with more modern development methods & standards. Not everything will be the same, and sometimes, that’s not necessarily the Devs’ fault.


nah dude they will purposefully make a working game and then knowingly add bugs to give the classic feeling


its not hard to fix something that simple, just look at COR 5, some kid even today with a basic knowledge of code can, patch it up its not that hard, I don’t know why can’t stylist just ask the fans to patch the game. And reason why I dislike PF is because it panders to the casual player anyone can become a pro and its a money grab, pay to win, and the case system is atrocious, I don’t want to bye a case, in witch I have a high chance of getting something that looks terrible. For example I want a Toothpaste skin on all my of my guns, its a certain style that I like and its 1 type of skin, If I wanted blue hex in COR 5 I earned it dam it.