How to Format V2


This post IS NOT complete. If you find something I missed, please, let me know. There will be edits to this post as problems arise with my post.

Original post still applies, for a more casual document, go to the link below. This guide will serve as a booklet for formatting.

Oh yeah, and btw, I’m back :slight_smile:

Basic formatting


  • one asterisk on either side of the text you want italicized.


  • two asterisks on either side of the text you want bold.

bold italics

  • three asterisks on either side of the text you want bold italicized.
  • all of the asterisks can be replaced with _
Misc basic formatting


  • one backquote on either side of the text you want to be noted.


  • two ~ on either side of the text you want striked out
    (thanks @FreeenchFries)


  • Text, line break, - .
  • Putting any text after the minus will break the header.

Basic Bulleting

  • Bullet
    A single minus with a space separating the word and minus.

You can also use a * as your bullet point.
Unbroken bulleting

  • Bullet
  • Bullet
    Unbroken bulleting will look like this, two bullet lines with no spacer in between the two.

Broken formatting

  • Bullet

  • Bullet
    Broken bulleting will look like this, a line break in between two bullet lines.

Text formatting w/bulleting

  • Bullet
    Text, with no line break between the bullet and text, will look like this.

  • Bullet

However, with a line break between the bullet and text, it will look like this.

  • Bullet
    • Smol Bullet

Two spaces, and a bullet.

Number Bulleting
  1. Bullet
  • A number and a dot, followed by a space. Follows the same rules as regular bulleting.
Extra formatting

(As found by @Veteran15837)


  • <ins>Your text here</ins>


  • <del>Your text here</del>

Custom Keys (also found by Veteran, gratz)


  • <kbd>[Insert text here]</kbd>
  • add a # to make the key large. Make them thicc.

Custom Colors (still testing)

  • ```bash\"text"\```
    Each backslash should be a line break



  • copy each directly as shown, no magic here.

Using the UI

While you can use complex formatting that takes 5 minutes to make, you can also do it with a few clicks of a button. This part of the Guide will be more of a tutorial as few people seem to know how to use it properly.


This is the first button on the top bar. IT looks like this: quote
Clicking on it, whether replying or making a post, will quote something. You can also highlight a selection you want to quote, will bring up a box that looks like this: quote%20text and when you click on it, will put it into your reply.


The next button is the bold. This button will add a bold format right were your insertion point is. It will highlight the inside text so you can insert your text.


The third button is the italic and does the same thing as the bold, but instead its italicized.


The next button is the hyperlink . This button allows you to insert a link inside a line of text. Its pretty self explanatory, so I don’t think I need to explain it. If I do, PM me and I’ll edit it in.


I don’t actually know what it does, I’ll add this later.

Preformatted Text

The next button on our list is the preformatted . This button allows you to add preformatted text, as a note, into your post. It highlights the preset text so you can add whatever text you need.


The next button is the image . This button allows you to upload a custom picture, either from your hard drive or from a website url.


The next button is the bullet . It allows you to add bullets easily, but I prefer manual over it.

Number Bulleting

The next button is number%20bullet . This button allows you to easily add number of bullets into your post.


The second to last button is the emoji . It allows you to add all the available emoji’s into your post.


This is the last button in the UI. The button looks like this: settings . When opened, the total number of prompts needs their own set of instructions. So, this just opens the dropdown menu.


Hide Details

The first button is the Hide Details. This brings up a prompt that allows you to hide any text inside the prompt and lets the reader open and close the text box.

Insert Date

This selection allows you to insert a date, time, and so on, its extremely self-explanatory, but if need be, I will add in instructions. Let me know.

Blur Spoiler

This selection is the reason behind blurred images. select it, and when you enter the text, it will be blurred.

Build Poll

Finally, we have the build poll option. When you chose it, you get the following popup:
This promt allows you to chose a fairly wide selection of options to make a poll.


How To Format

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To convert text into keyboard markups, add the following code to your message:


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Shift + C

You can also combine this with the # tag in front of the keyboard markup to make jumbo versions of the markup:

Space + X


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