How long till COR5 is remade?


I was thinking about what stylis is up to on the inside, they have Phantom Forces complete but theres still updates coming such as the AA-12, maps, equipment, and more. Then they have bowmen which is a game I don’t know much about other than it popped up and was updated rapidly then left in the dust, will they keep working on it or was it a mini game created for fun? And a while back there was updates on a survival game (i will refer to it as Accelbuild) which stopped getting updates 2 months before bowmen did, and was mentioned on popular phantom forces channel as stylis’ next game. So With Accelbuild and bowmen left in the dust as far as we know, what will come of COR5? It was one of stylis’ first games and was very popular with the community but was abandoned and fell apart due to roblox updates. It was confirmed that it was to be remade but I don’t know much else beyond that. So stylis filled their plate with Phantom Forces, Accelbuild, Bowmen, and COR5. In a hypothetical situation Phantom Forces is complete and done, updates will be few. What will they do next? What do you think will happen after Phantom Forces?

My theory: After Phantom Forces is done, Stylis will take a break on dev for a while, getting on to do bug fixes and manage discord and website and so on. When they return, Accelbuild will their main project to take a break from the FPS genre. They will keep Bowmen as a side project just as a small thing for them to work on whenever. When Accelbuild is complete stylis will be ready to return to the FPS genre with COR5 and fresh ideas to bring to the table, they can’t just make Phantom Forces but in ww2 (people would play it either way sadly, change and innovation is good but the roblox community doesn’t seem to care, but thats a topic for a different day). COR5 in my opinion is a far off thing to be remade, it seems unrealistic for stylis to finish a FPS and continue on to a FPS.

What do you think will happen after Phantom Forces is complete? What will happen to COR5 and when will it be remade? Thank you and goodbye!

Remake of cor5?

COR5 will be left on the shelf. Accelbuild is Roblox’s task for them to build a new game over the summer, and get paid by them to have it completed. So far i have not heard what’s happening after it since it was halted. Bowmen was halted as well. So no news from that area yet.Rather referred to as AccelBuild, but the game itself will be called From Ashes in the near future. These are just minor games left and right.

When Phantom Forces is rather complete, as in the guns re-balanced, and more guns added with more game modes and a finalized system, COR5 will most likely be remade using that framework. It will take a while for PF to be finished. My guess is about a year to 2 years before COR5 or any other game will be brought back from the grave.


For now it will stay as is. Only time will tell.


must wait


What’s COR5?


never minde


I used to play COR5 7 years ago when I first joined roblox. It was the first of its kind. Although I loved the game I feel if they re-booted it, it would be looked over by the Roblox community


I also loved cor5


Will they ever remake call of Robloxia 5?


if they ever made it, it will divide the community


so you think they shouldn’t make a new game because it will “divide the community”? A new game would increase their audience, make them a lot of money, and will bring back a lot of people who played PF, but got bored of it and want something new. “dividing the community” should not stop them from doing it.


Honestly, I’m just playing PF until CoR5 comes back. However long it is. No matter what, though, CoR5 comes back? I’m on it. I’ll literally drop PF.


well mr.dedicatedtoCOR5, the devs said that cor5 will start becoming revamped in 2019, after PF finishes
thats a long time




I wonder if PF will EVER be done
cus we have a LOT of guns out there


me too