Hopes for new guns and classes


see we need more variety in classes and guns. See battlefield has this class called the medic class it where you can heal someone with a defibulator and you would get a equipment called medic pack where you could heal someone all the way when you revived with the defibulators with would be a interesting thing to see in game considering the lack of classes. now time to talk about the lack of variety in shotguns, revolvers, battlerifles, machine pistols and others but considering we have gotten nothing form the streams or devs about this i could be fixed in the new update


yea but we all be spamming literally medkits to everyone, also this is most likely a close-medium range combat so don’t bother on doing that.

btw this is roblox not bf4.


Then why the hell is there a class system and a category called “equipment”…


yeah how about no xd


guy with m60 MEDICCCCC
invincible m60 scrub


Okay, I died again, That sniper team is getting annoying, time to get my sniper out, and not my PDW.
Gets defibbed.
*OH COME ON (F5)!!
Gets defibbed.
Gets defibbed.
Jumps off the Crane

Or another thing: MEDIC! spam.


grabs m60 and a defib

it’s worth it - Stylis


I already talked about Medic classes way back.

Revivals are more difficult to program as well as the overuse of medkits.


Heavy: MEDIC!


Medic: Nein!
Engi: NOPE
Heavy: IS NOT POSSIBLE (Holds shotgun)