HK416 + Five-seveN + AA-12 [Test place news #26]



(except HK; that can heck off)


U sure you want to HecK it off?

I’m sorry…



Five-seveN, HK-416 and AA-12 has received new sounds in the Test place.
They are different from in the main game.


Here are the old sounds which are in the main game now, And the new sounds in the test place:


Those AA-12 sounds gave me an orgasm.


Wtf, where are the x2 and x0.5 versions???

They just vanished out of the video???


It’s OK fam, just take the original video and have one that’s sped up, and the other version slowed down. No worries.


Here are the ones including x0.5 and x2!


Very cool


o ya forgot to mention

AA-12 has new firing sounds

AA-12, Five-Seven, and HK416 have new reload sounds

all in the main game


Looks like shay has finished the .44 Magnum and he also made another new magnum called the R2 but it seems like Shay adds a stock…and a suppressor for the R2?


I sure hope it’s not called the .44 Magnum in-game. Hopefully it’ll be the S&W Model 629 or Model 29.

Also, the R2 Revolver Carbine looks a lot like the KAC Silenced Revolver Rifle, but with a different suppressor base and stock.


Is that a suppressed revolver carbine/sniper?
Dear lord.

1858 Carbine and AWS made a son.


Personally I’m hoping we can have a Pieper M1893


In Dutch, that name sounds so weird.


Also this is nice, for me revolver do very well at damage all though yes damage is very effective against types of situation


The reasoning behind the Pieper is that it’s based off of the Nagant revolver, meaning it’s one of the few revolvers that can be suppressed.


Also so you can grip the Pieper forward of the cylinder, since powder burns on the user’s hand on any other revolver if they try to grip it like a rifle.


Zoraki R2?


The 44 magnum is the ruger super redhawk.