Highest rank player you have seen?


For me it would be rank 364, a guy named Qricket.
(Not including moderators that can choose their ranks, and yes this was in the server with Shay)


I’ve seen Qricket, and Qriminal a while back, who was rank 300+ before I was.

:>a rank 357






Rank 420 is the most powerful rank
Change my mind


My rank is now 1e+99. Fite me.


Highest rank player you have seen?
But you didn’t mention it has to be in Phantom Forces.
Hold up, lemme join my server and go into my Minecraft PF.

/pfrank Darkman_Bree 9999999999999999999999999

It’s me!


Ok boomer


I dunno do i

1567 Rank guy

this is from 2 months


I was friends with a man named decia.
He was around rank 300





But I’m the Owner, not a Moderator ;(


You moderate the game, right? By setting rules? That’s what a owner does as well.


Demotes myself.


There was this guy I saw in Operation Scorpion who was at rank 1337.
He was a contributor.




You still own the machine that hosts the server right?


Euhhh, yes?


Meh whatever. We can settle this after pancakes!