Guns that now zucc because Stylis dropped the ball


Right now, there’s a decent number of bad guns that got nerfed hard enough that they are basically useless. Rn, for me, its the MAC-10.


Mac 10 it gud rush weapon, git gut.


Mind listing them for me? Thanks


recoil is off the charts


No the HK-21 sports the worst recoil.


McMac-10 has easy to control recoil.


HK21 is worse


they’re about tied


on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being most recoil
MAC-10 would be a 9.5
HK21 would be a 23



Have you heard of the HK-21, dear Deadbush?


yes, i tried it, and it felt like there were 50 goblins tied to the barrel dragging it everywhere


That perfectly describes the HK-21.