Good games thread


AN-94 isn’t a battle rifle tho.



Isnt this supposed to be the Good games thread?


a video?


@sutton9000 i did it
bare bone g3


Hahahahha @Darkman_Bree another recruit hahahabav


He only got a 31-27.
Imagine the numbers when he uses the legendary FAL 50.00 at it’s full power.

The earlier picture does not count because he didn’t play well.


The fal is common with all the try hards using it no offense XD


They appreciate the power of the FAL.


There is no skill with it it’s a bfg fully auto


does the AG-3 count?




and the g11 @CamaroKidBB


could have gotten 40 kills everyone was afk or not even playing
rank 4s lol
i mean i carried a team on a laptop
it all comes to skill


gaming laptops can be very strong


cough unless Dell cough


yes dell, have you SEEN the alienware 15m? it has a core i9900 and an RTX2080 q max inside

you can even change the CPU later if you want


i want the alien you talking about it makes me feel poor >:(


tries to contain laughter


Yeah, it literally has a desktop CPU in it.

I have an i9, can confirm, is good. Encodes 1 hour videos in like 25 minutes.


thats untrained when he is trained he will get 50s to 10s like me :stuck_out_tongue: