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What about the .50 BMG AK?


i mean, i’d feel bad for it, but it’s be equivalent payback for the MK II AP nerf


@discobot fortune isnt the original Avtomat Kalashnikova - 47 the best ?


:crystal_ball: Reply hazy, try again


@discobot fortune isn’t the original Avtomat Kalashnikova - 47 the best?


:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again


Except the AN-94’s advantages lay in raw damage rather than low recoil, above average ballistics, and decent capacity. Ngl Mk11 AP made AN-94 AP somewhat pointless.

Tbh I’m still curious as to why AN-94 AP was never nerfed like Mk11 AP, but it’s likely due to the less forgiving handling the AN-94 has over the Mk11.


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Even the original people who made the AK-47 didn’t think it was good enough, hence the AKM


here’s my comprimise for you

say that the AUG series is better than the G36 series and i’ll join the An-94 cult


AUG series is definitely better looking

Hell, the first gun I’ve gotten 10,000 kills with is the AUG A1. And that gun is SMEXYYYYYYYYYYYY looking.


i mean (shrug)

it wasn’t revised until other rifles came up iirc and it needed upgrades to reliability and power to stay #1


Tbh the AUGs need a reload buff to keep up with the other, newer rifles. Part of the reason I quit using the AUG A1 in the first place was because the reload took so damn long.



you got me


The автомат Никонова обр is among the elite Russian rifles, rivaling the Автомат Калашникова through firepower, but far surpassing it with sheer speed and handling simplicity. the special recoil system unique to this gun causes it’s burst firing to be remarkably smooth

the appearance of this unit of a rifle… no work of art is absolutely comprised of sheer beauty and simplicity makes it feel and look as special as it is


@discobot fortune will @Suomiball steal @knta12 's pfp again


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


ofc he will

i expect nothing less from a gamer of that quality


@discobot fortune what will be the state of Phantom Forces weapon meta?


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it


@discobot What is the best Phantom Forces weapon in the game?