Give Likes

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Just shill likes on every post. I dunno, I’m bored. Every post in this thread gets a like.

Yeah. I dunno, gimme something to do.

Takeusername what is wrong with you

if I link another thread, don’t you have to like all of that? If so…


I’m on it.


Like every post on every test place news articles.




Don’t like this


Mission failed!
- Respect


Should have spread out your likes more.





Insert a photo of an FN MK16 here






Welp the reply that said don’t like
Is my most liked reply


Yo, wtf.

Turns out that the secret to getting a bajillion likes in a topic is to talk about likes within a topic.


That’s why you don’t write stuff like “Don’t like this”, it will happen.
But my post on his thread is already getting alot of likes.

It’s nearing to the point of my most liked post aswell.


ok so basically
if you don’t like this post you have to get me a pen for my bamboo art tablet




ok so basically
i got a note phone
and i hope the stylus tip doesn’t wear out or anything


Bitch lasagna