Getting shots with points


More points :slight_smile:

Allows you to have getting more EXP with hitting people.
each hits on every guns will get originally 1 EXP but shotgun do more EXP hits.

Thanks for the suggest, i have no time to have many credits i can. because Change the rank of the steyr scout


We already get more XP than ever now.

Capturing hills/flares used to give 250 XP, now it’s 400 XP.
Capture the Flag and Kill Confirmed exists now, with lots of new ways to get XP.
There’s now also Suppressed enemy, Wallbang bonus,…

The Steyr Scout is very high ranked for the reason to be a late game sniper which is intentionally weaker for the very high ranked people out there like me, to have some fun with.
The Steyr Scout does have some nice advantages over the other snipers though.


thank you for pointing this out darkman


1858 is still better.


I cannot argue with that it is basically a sniper at mid-long range


Was that a pun?


not really but thanks for pointing out that pun


literally being a spawnpoint gives you fucking xp

why do we need to get xp for each hit


because some people want to grind for exp anyway possible,can’t blame them


Then spawn trap

these methods are far more effective at getting you way more points than just hitting a bunch of cancelled shots or weak ass hitmarkers


I mean, wouldn’t you at least want some points for hits if the hitreg constantly fucks you over?


There wouldn’t be that issue if teammates actually shot the enemy 100% of the time

but this is Roblox soooo…


no, I want a fucking fixed hitreg


i would too, but it i fear it could be worse than the current hitreg


So, a hit registration, that works, and functions normally, and one that doesn’t cancel out any shots it considers “hacked” will somehow be more dysfunctional than the current system???


Do you even know what you’re saying anymore?


Um, that came out wrong, i mean there is a chance it could be fucked up more than the current hitreg, if you follow what i’m saying