[Game] True or False


person below think this thread dead


person below has replied to me before


person below h8 fartn1te



Person below wants me to model a Frying Pan.


Person below is person below


yes (I swear I was dead on this website and as soon as I come back this thread has not changed)
person below wants to shake it up a bit


person below no longer has their shirt on lol


false, I have 5 layers on me, 'cause the weather in Texas changes that fast


where’s da question?
The person below have seen be before.


Person below knows where “Good night sweet prince” comes from.


True; Robocop, where one of the bad guys says it to Murphy right after he was “killed.”

Person below likes using AN-94.


Tru, i like using it like a sniper

Person below has a more original person below argument


true i guess

person below finds texas weather confusing (i do i live in texas)


person below hates texas weather


Person below have seen ME before.


Person below likes Minecraft



I love minecraft

Person below has more playtime than me (10-11 days over the course of 5 months) on one survival world


True, my very first world back in Beta 1.5 I played for hours every day.

Person below lost a Diamond or Diamond Weapon/Tool/Armor in lava atleast once.


True. I was mining in the nether with enchanted dia helm and chestie, with enchanted iron legs and boots. Then, behind the block of nether quartz I was mining, there was a lava pocket. The lava flowed out and burned me to death. I rushed back to the place of my death but only the diamond armor was lost in the lava. Every other item was perfectly safe. Ever since then, I have never crafted any diamond armor in the fear that the lava god will claim it…
person below plays WynnCraft MMORPG in Mincraft


False, but I have a friend that does, Contact Nathans_Cookie from my server.

Person below played Super Minecraft Maker before. (which is the Minecraft version of Super Mario Maker)