[Game] True or False


person below is at least 15 years old


False; I’m a 9 year old. sub to pewds

Person below is :b:eter



person below hopes the site gets fixed/moved (i can only log in from microsoft edge and images do not load)


true, its starting to fall apart

person below is suffering from lack of forums


Very true.

Person below is playing/plays Unturned


True. Although I’m garbage at surviving and only do dum shit.

Person below can build a nice house on Minecraft



person below is aware of minecraft’s 10th bday being this may


False, I always forgot when it actually started, I know I started playing on April 21st 2011.

Person below wants the forums to move to NodeBB to bring the community back together.


omega true

person below has just been on/is planning on going on an end crusade


person below hates using Microsoft edge


tru, incognito mode on chrome also works perfectly fine so i’m using it instead

person below wants to know when the move happens


Uhh, sure.

Person below listens to Celldweller, Circle of Dust, and/or Scandroid.

sponsored by Klayton


false, what the fuck are those, artists or songs
person below likes travis scott’s songs


Artists. And false; Travis Scott can die in the pop hole like the rest of them.

Person below doesn’t listen to pop with few exceptions.


Ew, pop


ikr pop succ

Anyway, your statement?


Person below to thinks bleu cheese is nasty.


true, I prefer blue cheese
person below likes consuming succulence


person below hates gun megathread


person below plays BeamNG.drive