[Game] True or False



person below is an existing being


false, i have no life
person below is a rock


false, i is potato
person below is deadpool


false, I am a samurai robot

person below is a thanos


false, i’m a potato
person below is a roblox character doing take the l


damnit, ya got me

person below is animated


False, I am doggo
Person below is also doggo


false, gamer, i am a beeo
person below is sad about t-series winning


Very true.
Person below is dead on both the inside and the outside


Half true. Only on the inside.

Person below wishes the BAR M1918A2 came into PF.


False, I’m actualy waiting for the Galil to come

person below is waiting for something new in PF


Where’s my mf AA-12

Person below likes shotguns


True. When they work.

Person below doesn’t think Ian is crazy for praising the (French variant of the) Chauchat.


False, Why would he do such a thing?
Person below shot a shotgun before.



person below dislikes my pfp


false, i’ve gotten used to my eyes bleeding by now
person below hates my pfp


False, but I prefer the Pichu.

Person below has been vote :b:icked.


false, i’ve been vote-kicked tho
person below prefers my pichu pfp



Person below wants a durg.

durg = dragon



person below plays notoriety