[Game] True or False


False they’re all boring and similar

Person below is falling in love with the G3 just like me


True. as for the above statement, I meant FALs in real life, not FALs in Phantom Forces.

Person below has died inside.


At the age of 0, yes

person below has faith in Humanity


gee, because it’s in your pfp?

person below is non-asian
false, very false



person aboven’t knows about n’t memes


person below knows recipe to hoozer mix


false, i wish
person below has their hair dyed


false and also, you will never know it

Person below has just found out I may stream this wednesday


true, you just told me
person below has green hair


DPC sold me an uranium hat and now i have green glowing hair with cancerous growths everywhere! Thanks DPC!
person below likes Dankman_Bree


sure no homo
person below wants to end it all


False, I may be depressed and joke about it, but nah

Person below has over 3k kills with the AK-74
(I personally have around 5.5k kills with it)


False, I have more like 500
Person below likes peanuts


true, i like to pee with my nuts
person below knows that i am 12k xp away from rank 100


true, when you told me that you are

person below has no life


true, 410 hours played on warframe, 7 years of playing roblox, and 11 years of playing various racing games

persob below

[spoiler] [details=“Summary”]

[/details] [/spoiler]



person below


Person below loves Minecraft



person below likes to ironically say ‘gamer’ but dislikes fortnite


you are damn right

person :b:elow

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe
  • possibly
  • confirmed
  • ur mom gei
  • why am i making a poll
  • uhh
  • sorry

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