[Game] True or False


person below eats tub of ice cream in 2 days


nah, i’d be fat as hell(i’m skinny as hell BTW in 6th grade with about 68 pounds on me my actual weight is 1 pound higher and i’m trying to keep it that way)
ok person below fat as hell


imo yes

person below can tell me a recipe for dough


knowledge of this level isn’t meant for peasants.
person below listens to remixes instead of the original song


nah, remixes is for cavemen
person below has been here longer than 1 year


Been here since December 2016, true.

Person below doesnt like being a foodie


false, foodie’s are the best
person below likes being a foodie


false. Idk what that is

person below is above



person below thinks the team balancing in PF is shit


False, it seems fine. The only problem I’ve seen is people leaving the game and the match being basically empty and no fun.

Person below listens to Jack Stauber.


False, I dont know who he is and also, welcome back, u have revived

Person below is below


false, im above

person is the person below the one above below the one above of the above that’s below


what the fuck
false, i guess
person below is the person who made thiss topic


person below prefers pancakes over waffles


person below likes waffles drowned in syrup with butter


person below hates sausages


false, very false
person below takes try not to laugh challenges seriously


person below is succculent


Okay hold up, how did you find my alt and steam name?

?, Lemme bring in Google Translate.
Okay I found it…

Person below wants Test Place #26


So long as there’s a new thing being worked on, sure.

Person below thinks some FALs are better than other FALs.

also 1800th post yeet