[Game] True or False


person below has never gotten laid


Pretty much.

Person below needs to make some kinda music


true ive been working on making some songs recently along with some dubstep but I can never make it sound right

person below is planning on going BFG with BT only to get children mad in PF


I’ve already done that a while ago.

Person below can teach me how to make a decent Bright Brass patch in 4-operator FM Synthesis


False Im not a desperate fuck

Person below has 2 crushes


Two, maybe three, true.

Person below feels a sudden desire to get off their fat ass and workout


True I’ve been working out all week.

Person below is nervous about seeing their crush today.


False, I stay buttery smooth and interact with my crush with the mindset of a friend.

Person below is still contemplating who they like


Ugh true

Person below didn’t see his crush today and is kinda bummed out.



person below is suffering


person below is actually happy and enjoying life



public class Main{
public static void main (String[]args){
String personBelow = “CanRead” + “JavaCode”;
String andAlso = “Can predict the output”;
System.out.println(personBelow + " " + andAlso);


Can’t read Java, but I can pretty much see what that says, so true.

Person below abuses the Detune value in FM Synthesis


person below likes succing on succulent oranges



sdrawkcab siht daer nac woleb nosrep



Person below hates the timing of two projects due on the same day


person below didn’t notice eurt is true backwards



I noticed it because one of my hobbies is writing backwards
Person below will be 1779


True. False in the matter that I’m only the 1778th reply.

Person below is enjoying the FAL Shorty.


False, all FAL’s are che-
oh wait, Darkian lost his dog
Person below loves FAL