[Game] True or False


what the ffffffffffff
deep breathing
person below knows how to do 3d model designing


True, for Minecraft.

Person below recently lost someone of their family.

R.I.P Tommy my dog :sob:


I understand, my friends also have a very old dog that I like too…


Dogs are the best.
I havent lost anyone recently but I have mourned before.
Person below has a dog


True. I have a corgi. He is cute and furry.

Person below is kind, but also someone you don’t want to screw with.


True. I can be nice, but me can stab

person below watched DHMIS


false… idk what that is lol

person below likes to watch Ben Shapiro


True, on occasion.

Person below is cock-asian (like me)


false that’s gay
person below has twitter(follow OG_PHANTOMDJ)


true, but i rarely use it.

person below likes MKTO


used to but i still listen occsasionally
true, ig
person below likes MK11


True. Mario Kart 11 is the best in the franchise! : D

Person below likes LMGs.


True. Belt Feds most fun

person below likes MPs


which one

person below has halo shit



:b:erson :b:elow has :b:orza horizon 4


True, not a big fan tho
person below is a sim racer


person below owns a phone without a sim card


person below hecc


yeah i’m heccin_noob
person below likes eggo waffles



Person below needs a new heccin graphics card