[Game] True or False


homophobic means scared of gay people not just not wanting to catch their gay

tru, and i got it a couple times

person below is scared of things that have more than 4 legs


person below wants to have a certain gun in PF


yes, i want the Glock 19 and the carbine conversion for it

person below not reload


person below can and will give me a will to live



person below is the will smith to live



Person below likes G3 over FAL.


ture :snap:
whoever likes this is on my team
person below is the fal fiend @Darkman_Bree


False. If FAL were truly the “right arm of the free world,” the free world would be fucked.

Person below also wants M14 and M1 Garand in the game.


person below wants helcat to comeback


So, so true.

Person below is Thanos


person below has my guantlet >:(


true get snapped, revengeeeee!!!

Person below has been saved since I snapped the man who snapped my ban spree


true. thx Poodros <3 no homo

person below boot


False. Am salad.

Person below sock


False. Am durg.

Person below hecc


True I feel hecced

Person below is super stressed


person below hecc



Person below likes to say yeet


false, yeet
person below loves optical illusions



person below likes playing minecraft while listening to minecraft streams cough cough watch mumbo’s hermitcraft 6 witch farm streams cough