[Game] True or False


false, chungus is dead dragonite isnt
person below came to this website because of Phantom Forces


Well, no shit, Sherlock.

Person below needs more sunshine to come


false. too much sunshine atm, needs more rain

person below ate yellow snow


person below yote snow at random people while riding on a ski lift


truish i did it in my dads truck
person below is in need of credits on PF


yes i broke af after wasting 3000 creds on AK103+AP
person below is succulent


person below has used a scummy gun in PF just to get people mad


yes, as soon as i get shot byt BFG BT i pull out my own BFG BT and just blast those fuckers to hell
and I also glitch inside tree with M60 AP considering getting M60 BT
person below uses BT on an absurd gun


BT on a shotgun (ksg and serbu) just to make people mad lol


person below wants to go tryhard on PF to do a 100 kill game


i got like 65 max with the AS VAL
person below is thicculent


true even though im male
person below never used a certain gun due to personal preferance


i dont use the Beowolf ECR. 10 rd mag on full auto?
person below is sticculent (not thicc, instead the opposite)

i’m going to reply to you by editing my post so i dont have to use the ECR
because im not the “person below”


im more stick that thick no homo im a straight guy
person below HAS to use the Beowulf ECR on full auto and get a game higher than 30 kills lol im just messing with you now


person below is not casual


person below is BAD


yes. i ate chips on day one on lent

person below blank




person below is straight…ish


person below is shay