[Game] True or False




Algebra is also Math. And Boolean Algebra is also Math. Sorry kiddo

Person Below knows the result of 15 && 16


what’s 15 && 16?

person below



person above


&& is a type of logical operation called AND. Google it

Person below googled it and got the answer


False, I already knew it.

Person below thinks English class can go shove it


SOOOOOOOOO true. Apparently a liberal whackjob’s favorite habitat.

Person below has a job.


false, also

dude, english class is needed for certain people, such as mr numbers, he needs english class.

person below needs a hug.


I’m good. Thanks.

Also, I don’t think TP_ONE here was referring to the classes that teach English as a language, more so the kinds that require you to read books you don’t give a shit about, write entire essays about those books you don’t give a shit about, and also have invariably liberal politics shoved up your ass. Those kinds of classes aren’t entirely necessary. I think the English classes you are referring to however are “English as a Secondary Language” classes, or “ESL” for short.

Person below has worked with sharp objects.


Yes, I play with knives too

And understandable, I hate those classes, they are pointless.

Person below big homo


person below not big homo


also false
person below posted already


false, i don’t exist
person below is an idiot



Person below smart


false i’m a supreme idiot
person below has no tact when it comes to the opposite gender


What opposite? Gender is a spectruuummmmm /s

Person below pumps out a shitton of minor suggestions.


naw chief that’s darkman’s area
person below is an asshole


Can be… sometimes…

Person below has rekt a libtard with facts and logic.


True. Get rekt
Person below has a diamond helmet



person below likes the aug a3