[Game] True or False


MMMMM you know i do

person below know’s the best flavor of Arizonas


Never heard of it but true

Person below has walked into a cluster of poison ivy once




I’ve heard of Arizona tea before tho but I’ve never tried it

Also update Keep Knta Busy


i have to cook


False, I’ve gotten it, but never a big cluster of it.

Person below really really hates wheat bread.


False, I eat all types of bread

Person below has eaten oxodised meat before


no i just eat fuckin meat.

Person below believes that Minecraft has become overrated after its resurrection

I still think its a great, if not legendary game, but everybody treats it like Little Ms. Perfect


false, there is no such thing.
Person below thinks I have too little friends in here


true who tf are you ?
Person bellow thinks the svds is a bad sniper


False, Dragunov SVDS is a good decent sniper.

There Nathan, I said it, now don’t hurt me.

Person below played Typical Colors 2.


yes, itwas fun

(wait wait there is someone darkman fears?)

person below does jojo poses out of random


Oh no


Nathan’s cookies




Person to respond will have responded





Person below played pf console


Person below is gay


Please stop calling me gay
I touched a willy in high school once
And it was just a little mistake
So please stop calling me gay
I swear I love vagina
And I love to touch that pussy
I kissed two girls before and it felt really good
Because they were women and not men
'cause I’m not gay

Titties and ass good personality for life my dude

Person below is feeling a little desperate for some love