[Game] True or False


I saw this on the Spigot Forums too where you get Minecraft Server Plugins, what about we do it here too?

The game is very simple, So the person before you posts something like: “The next person likes FAL!” and you have to reply with True or False, and then you post another statement.

I’ll start with:

The next person enjoyed using BFG + BT in the past!


True. The BFG used to be second only to my AK-47. She had 2500 kills accumilated on her. Aye she was a beaut.

The next person realizes that it’s okay to use overpowered trash, and it doesn’t make you a bad player, it just means the devs are bad devs.


True; it doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed by it however, but the blame more goes to the devs than the noobs who just want kills.

The next person thinks that just because a reskin in question is a highly popular and suggested gun doesn’t mean that it’s okay for it to be a reskin.


False, guns like the Lee Enfield and Kar-98 can be reskins of the Mosin, no problem, at least thats what I think.

The next person likes to create the shittiest or memest loadout ever and try to get high kills counts with them.


Sorta, but not anymore
I did this just once

The next person loves the henry-kun


True, i love it

The next person thinks replying to yourself is dumb


True, why not edit it and add whatever you want to add?

The next person failed No-Nut November



The next person wants me to fini-


False, I still got the message.

The next person is 13.


the person below is fries



I meant finish my sente-

Btw @meme_s thats true

The next person likes henry


True, i love the henry-kun

The next person wants me to stop replying to myself


the next person doesn’t like henry


False, i love henry

The next person can put a 1x1 cm paper between their mouth for 2 minutes while repeating tongue twisters without folding it, licking it or touching it


False, I can’t curl my tongue.

The next persom is already dead.



Side note: NANI head flies off

The next person is from an 80s martial arts anime that became a meme


False. Inital d may be the oldest anime i know, but not in the eightiys

The next person has the dream of graduating,leaving home,and never seeing your parents again


False, I can’t live without my mom’s spaghetti.

The next person likes FAL.


Tru, fal is second best br

The next person LOVES the fal


True, but the SCAR-H is a more preferable choice.

I have awoken the beast

The next person rips servers to shreds with an M60.