[Game] A Phantom Forces round


His mom finds out hes playing a fps game and takes his computer away.


Meanwhile Stylis finally adds equipment to the game.


It turns out to be cosmetics that have no impact in gameplay, different outfits, glasses, hats,…

Just how Darkman wanted it.


Turns out that @sutton9000 won’t stop shouting how to pronounce his name


distant screams are heard for no appearant reason


Darkman ignores it and (un)patiently waits for FAL LMG and Daily Missions.


Sutton screams again


I wanna buy the g11


*fires ball tracker bfg @Darkman_Bree *
Kills @Darkman_Bree


@Darkman_Bree is dead.


@sutton9000 desecrated @Darkman_Bree dead body replacing the fal with a bfg
T bags and shoots body then goes far away what no one can see him


@sutton9000 is collecting the infinity stones you have 1 minute till @Darkman_Bree is perma banned


@Darkman_Bree has been perma banned


But I rejoined.
Because Phantom Forces does not support… Whatever that movie is called… Infinity Avengers or something?


oh sweet
ill just do it my self


kills @Darkman_Bree 100 times with @CamaroKidBB an-94



soldierboy_19881 has initiated a votekick on sutton9000


sutton9000 has been kicked from the server


Sutton jejoins


You get randomly booted from the game due to a client error.
Your PC then crashes and your computer explodes.


Sutton 9000 rejoins