[Game] A Phantom Forces round


I dream of a FPS roblox game that has great graphics, has characters that resembles more closely to a human (rthro characters), and brings the best of all FPS games into that new roblox game (while being afk in the server).


i respawn
i snipe darkman with my ak458359385938 dmr GYGA


cas enters the building with his sniper rifle of choice


My M231 gets hungry again and sniffs you out, spraying 1500 RPM of 5.56 in your face all at once.


Since we’re almost there to 2020, Roblox might release the improved graphics thing from the RDC


People keep killing me when I try to get the reaper


Find a spot that might spawn the teleporter.


Robloxer4561 seizes the opportunity to dive in for the kill.

Robloxer4561 (REAPER) soldierboy_1988


Robloxer4561 (Falling) Robloxer4561


At least I still got the market garden bitch


A player teabags you.


Sniped by an Intervention noob


The intervention noob gets backstabbed by someone using a Karambit ( R ) and says in chat: “OMG, A CLIP, I’M SENDING IT TO POKE!”


Then proceeds to be double tapped by “yours truly” with the SCAR SSR from 280 studs away
who then says in the chat: “Never change melee sweats, never change.”


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G11K2 + Deagle .50 + Deagle remodels [Test place news #30]





Carbine Repeater Spencer Carbine when


smells like lever-action zip 22


Steyr Scout sidegrade*