Forums feature request: community hierarchy


moved to website-meta section

this is just here to get to the character requirement


They should be simple titles under our names.

Maybe “Regular” if we have been here for over a year.

Feature request: more community roles

moving to weabsite meta because i forgot that section exists.


Or leader if we’ve been here for 2 years…or more.


“moved to website-meta.”


leader/regular both come with actual permissions which shouldn’t be given to people who’ve just been here a year or two


Yeah they should, active forum members should be given roles. I’ve been here for like 500 or so days and have gained nothing. It’s not very satisfying to say the least.


I’m relatively new here, but I’m active as hell. I got nothing to look forward to


Toothless removed Regular role after a bunch of dumbasses messed around with the ability to change topics’ title ( I may or may not have been one of those “dumbasses”).