Forum Global rules


1. Discussing grammar outside of a garbage post is no longer acceptable.

Topics are to discuss the specific topics, by going on about the grammar of someones post is derailing the thread, and can be punished.

2. Do not start new garbage/meme topics

We don’t want the forum filled with posts that are just spam, memes, etc. please keep memes to the meme thread, and garbage to the garbage thread.

Topics that are created will be merged with a previous one, if you keep creating new ones, you could be punished.

3. Do not attack other users

Attacking other users in anyway is not acceptable, includes: calling them names by any means (unless its the purpose of the topic, like reply chain calling others horrible sith names)

Depending on severity, you may be banned or warned.

4. Do not scam/phish

This is self-explanatory, no community wants scams or phishing.

5. Do not create duplicate topics

We don’t need 300 topics about the same thing, please just bump older threads if needed. Use the search function.

(more edits coming)

This must be 10 characters.... NO YOU
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Hey uh toothless, the Shitpost chain game thread will not accept shitposts, only the basic type of shitpost it uses.

Can we make a General Shitpost thread?

Memes, Puns & Meme related GIFs Thread

i’ll rename it to that


Okay, you should make it so we can still discuss off-site topics. I mean, this is a forum, we shouldn’t make it ALL PF related right?


Discussing topics is fine, but correcting peoples grammar is not, nor shitposting in those topics.

Want to talk about say, BloxCity? the roblox wannabe, go ahead, just keep it to an actual discussion, keep an open mind to it, and try not to reply rudely


No, I mean, like, having in depth talks about the condition of the human mind. That type of stuff.

That’s an oddly specific example.


Can we have witty replies that are (kind of) shitposts, as long as they add to the discussion?


preferably not.

idc what people talk about, as long as its safe for work


All these grammar roasts were getting annoying. It is understandable if the user has unreadable grammar, but a tiny mistake you dont have to correct.


Started as a joke tbh
Rip @BattleWiner


Hey, can you just make it so this stays unlocked forever? I mean, it’s convenient to have discussions about the rules of the website publicly instead of playing a crappier version of Telephone on a larger scale.


Since this is a global forum rule thread, I would just keep it locked for now and have inquiries directed elsewhere, just to keep it neat and organized.

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I remind everyone to not harass other users

  • This includes creating topics that specifically target a user

Memes, Puns & Meme related GIFs Thread





Okay can you not do this?

I would really hate to break a rule specifically on a topic focused on rules so at this point it would be best you not revive dead threads anymore, it is irrelevant and there may be a reason this has died, for example, there is a new rules topic, and that one is supposed to overwrite this one, so it is best you not try to revive any more topics like this okay?