Everyone died


no seriously, this forum is getting more and more inactive due to inaccessibility

honestly we should make the move to NodeBB asap

don’t mind this useless post, honestly i don’t know why im here


honestly, yeah, if we move to NodeBB i think we have a better survival chance.

come to the discord if you want activity tho, that’s never inactive


Toothless, If you read this, How’s the progress of moving to NodeBB?


@Toothless , get the moving van started, we’re going to nodebb!
Darkman, pack your bags
ChromeRoses, did you leave anything behind?
Garfield, did your bring your comic books?


Im packing my finnish RK rifles! (Yeehaw in finnish)


I’m packing PF’s non-existent korean guns
(seriously, stylis, you have no asian guns, someone is going to call you out on this sooner or later)


I’d love to have a Type 64 and/or a Type 89 sometime soon IMO.


isn’t Russia Asian


If we switch to Node do we have to create a new account?


apparently you can move discourse forum data to other platforms

note that it’s speculations rn, but don’t worry I guess, making a new account isn’t too hard


Can I have 4 more packs? I still have alot of FAL’s, DPC products and Minecraft 3D models.


hey im back :joy:


i’m alive!


The forums are back y e e t


not me tho



But can bot die plz?


Image result for crab rave gif when everyone died


I haven’t been on here in ages because I really don’t have anything to post about.


yeah it’s weird because it’s been like a month with no actually interesting topics except for people complaining about the forum being a heck


And the fourm going down. Finally its back. Time to make another bfg thread