[Done] Update 4.0.0 Changelog [Winter Update 1]


no skin on the scope.



Hello there. For anyone still worried about spotting being nerfed or removed, it was simply balanced. Now, the animation will only play when you actually spot someone when you press E. This was done to prevent people from abusing animation canceling. This has been confirmed by Shay in the Discord, and can be seen in the Pinned Messages in the #game-bugs channel over there.


rip intervention skins



Yes, because we need more AK variants!

In all seriousness however, the amount of AK’s in game is worrying me.




Although the amount of AKs is a bit comical, I never understood the “too much AKs” argument. More guns is always better imo, especially if they are just importing guns from real life. Nobody has to use them if they don’t like to.


Yes, because a diluted arsenal is a good arsenal.