[Done] Update 4.0.0 Changelog [Winter Update 1]


Or the… MUTANT?!


That’d make for a great spam DMR actually.


Being relatively low rank, the main addition I care about is the G3. However, I don’t understand what makes this gun better than the AK47, which I have previously been using, since it has about the same recoil, worse damage and worse fire rate. Is the headshot multiplier or something better? I really would like to know, as the G3 seems like a cool gun.


Goddamnit I’m on vacation


damage is super different not similar at all
lower firerate, lower damage, lower ammo cap


tomahawk and brass knuckles are also added, but not in the gui


the railgun is like the “Removed Herobrine” from minecraft now.




Frying Pan too? ;(


The G3 is trash , I will stick to the AG-3.there is no reason to use it over the Scar-H or AK-BR




yes, the frying pan is there




We are in the same boat brother. Stay strong.


laughs in unnecessary nerfs
(Fuck you devs)

Honestly thiugh the nerfs will likely be reverted very soon because now the SCAR-H is straight up a worse AK12 BR.


but, not in the gui, and currently case unlock only


Worse SCAR-L**

Not even kidding. The FUCKING SCAR-L is better to use at a distance than its full power variant, which was FUCKING MEANT for distances longer than 300 meters.


Oh shit you right.

Also can we talk about how a weapon designed for medium range engagements is kinda shit at medium range?


I’m pissed that they nerfed the RPM on the PDW it was balanced it was my go-to slow rpm carbine, now it’s a downgraded scar-l I’m not kidding I do better with the light than with the sub-compact variant.


Except the PDW is capable of a raw 3-hit kill and can 2-hit kill with headshots, not to mention the pistol-speed ADS time and fastest reload in class not counting the broken AR-15 reloads.