Deleting all my 10000+ screenshots



Guess I can’t say I have nothing to post about now

I’ve had this PC for over a year and I have over 10000 basic screenshots. Deleting them all now because this PC is dying! And guess what, do I feel bad about deleting these thousands of memories?

Fuck no!

Bro I honestly don’t give a shit. I turned 14 five days ago and I’m playing take on me in the background.


All the multi feeds with the MG3KWS - Gone
All the sick moment in fortnite - Gone
All the random weird shit I saw - Gone

and I don’t care.

Unless the pictures are import family things, I honestly don’t care if I lose them or not. I could replicate an MG3KWS multifeed anytime. Same with a 244 meter snipe in fortnite, and I could go back to pornhub to search CS:GO and legit find actual competitive matches of the game.

I don’t know if I’m crazy or not, but hey, who’s going to take the time to look through 10k of my screenshots 300 years in the future anyway? Ha. No one!

Not deleting my steam screenshots and the others, only the ones I’ve acquired via pressing the
prt sc button over 10000 times.

What do you guys think of this? Do you think I’m fucking insane? Or is this just something that really doesn’t matter.

I feel like you guys should know which one I think!


Put them on Google Drive or something.


imean yah


Ah, screw that. I honestly didn’t want them anyway. It’s kinda pointless to have over 2000 PF multifeeds sitting in that folder when I won’t go back to them. It’s also annoying that it takes a solid minute to load up everything.

It’s more of a burden so I’d rather just say fuck it, ya know?


How long did it take?


uhhh i dunno how long is it to highlight a bunch of photos